User Journey Mapping

UX UI Design

The core user journey on StickerYou has gone through various evolutions over the years. Users arrived to the custom Sticker Maker to create their order via 2 paths: from a product landing page (organic traffic or search) or the Create Now CTA located on the homepage and across the site's navigation menu. Users who clicked Create Now landed directly into the powerful editing tool to upload their art and edit and create their design, which potentially converts into a purchase.



When users dropped out of the editor, we dug deep for the reasons behind this behaviour. Did they need more clarity on how to create their design in the Sticker Maker? Did they need more information on available types of products and options? These details existed in product pages, but are not visible for users who came directly from the Create Now CTA. We knew we needed to fill the gap between users clicking Create Now and creating and ordering their designs from the Sticker Maker.


The Product First wizard was designed and developed so users who clicked Create Now were taken through prompts to make selections on their product options such as format, material, adhesive types etc. By the time users arrived at the Sticker Maker, they were fully informed on what they are getting and can start designing their order. This improved the user experience significantly, and learning from this improvement, we continued to develop the wizard experience to help users on every step of their journey. The last phase to complete this core user journey was adding an extra wizard tool. After completing product selection and before landing into the editor, the user is prompted to upload their artwork, choose their shape and finally the size of their product. This fully informs the user all the options available to them and the cost of their product as they land into the editor to start creating their design.



Although all the phases of this project took over 3 years to complete, the resulting experience is a robust wizard tool that guides users who click Create Now on an informed decision-making path that results in users getting exactly what they want, and also potentially cross-sells them on other available products and options that they may not have known about. The Product First wizard experience now converts 4 times the rate of our product landing pages, and will continue to evolve as we add new features and products in the future.