User Journey Mapping

UX UI Design

At the start of their customer journey, StickerYou users have the option to start creating online or get a custom quote by submitting a form. However, users who get a quote may want to order online instantly without waiting for an email response, while users who start creating online may end up needing extra help from a custom sales representative.


This posed a challenge for both Sales & Marketing and UX Design to find a solution to increase lead generation for custom sales while also increasing online order conversion rates for automated quotes and orders.



The Get a Quote link leads to a landing page with the custom quote form and a secondary call-to-action button that links to the quick quote calculator, which allows users to continue their online order. This page generates a lot of leads for the sales team, but many of these orders could have been placed online without any intervention. By changing the Get a Quote link to land on the calculator page for instant ordering instead, we risk losing valuable leads for the sales team.


A separate objective for the Sales & Marketing team was to start marketing the custom sales team as a VIP concierge service. This will help serve busy businesses with high volume orders by handling the work of submitting designs and placing their custom orders for them.


The first solution I came up with was to create a much clearer Decision Page. This page will clearly outline the Two Ways to Get a Quote, and have the user make an informed decision on what kind of quote they wanted: an instant online order or a white glove service custom order.


The second part of my solution was to move the Quote Calculator onto this same decision page, so if users do not make a selection or skip reading the descriptions, they automatically scroll down to the online calculator. I used data and some assumptions to determine that the dominant use case should be the online quote calculator where conversion leads to an online order. Only when a user explicitly decides to get a more in-depth custom order quote, they will land on a different page and fill out the form and generate a lead.


The re-branded Custom Product Experts landing page was also a great tool for marketing this premium service, with accessible online videos and call-to-actions to drive users to submit the form and create their orders with the help of a dedicated sales team.



Within days of going live with this change, the site saw a 20% lift in organic conversion which maintained for weeks that followed.


The exits from the quote calculator page also dropped by 8.3%, which means we were driving more meaningful visits to this page and more users proceeded to order or visit other parts of the site after their quote.